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Industry & Trade Magazines Automotive Manufacturing Trade Publications

Industry & Trade Magazines Automotive Manufacturing Trade Publications

Auto industry trade magazinesSituation #1 : There are at least a half a dozen or more automotive trade publishers nonetheless going,” publishing print magazines and tabloids, and contenting pages in some way, shape or type of print, internet websites posting, and migrating the exact same content material to an e-newsletter — all three media loaded with as a lot advertising as feasible. The Federal Division of Transportation contacted AEE to produce minimum standards for motorcycle security. Dave took on this activity and produced a 26 page report about standards for manufacturing motorcycle components and minimum safety specifications. Tom and Jim flew the report to Wash. D.C. in the organization plane, to present the suggestions to the Department of Transportation Board, to use as a guide for proposed motorcycle regulations.

In December, Dean finishes a “750 Honda, How To Develop the Chopper” bike. Once again using a Brackett Chassis rigid frame and all AEE components, the bike was utilized for articles in the magazine and Chopper Guide. About this time, the prototype division is moved to the manufacturing building as AEE is consolidating and cutting fees. Around this time, TRM Publishing produces a set of 66 bubble gum trading cards, that feature motorcycles. Seven of the cards are AEE bikes, two far more were worked on by Dave, and the rest had been choppers and street bikes from around the nation. They are quite collectible right now.

Utilised Auto News is the first newspaper devoted solely to the used automobile business. Used Vehicle News has a long history of gathering critical auto-associated news, information, studies, statistics & surveys, and presenting them in an effortless-to-understand manner. Their news subjects range from compliance to auction, from legal news to economic, and every thing in between.

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motor industry trade magazinesThe Automotive Engineer is a national publication produced quarterly as a benefit for IAME members. It contains magazines, white papers, webcasts and videos covering a broad variety of engineering regions, such as aeronautics, automotive, electronics, components and manufacturing. A trade organization for the North American anodizing business, which promotes the use of anodized aluminum by way of technical interchange, education, and advertising, and so on.

A United States Department of Energy laboratory operated by the University of Chicago. Automotive investigation places consist of batteries, fuel cells, vehicle systems, engine study, applied components study, assessment, recycling, and so forth. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization advertising automotive market collaboration in the regions of intellectual property and new technologies.

A collaboration of automotive businesses, fuel providers, fuel cell technology organizations and government agencies for the purpose of advertising the use of fuel cell electric cars. The National Automobile Dealers Association represents roughly 16,500 new car and truck dealers, with 32,500 franchises, with a goal to serve and represent the franchised automobile and truck dealers of America, their management, and employees. The NADA internet site is full of valuable, educational information and guide books for dealers.

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