I Ordered My First Show Plate Online

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My son and I just bought a classic car a few months ago. We have been using our free time on the weekends to work on it, and it looks pretty amazing right now. Even better, it sounds and runs perfectly. We did this mainly because we both love cars, but we also decided to enter it into a few classic car shows in the area too. My son told me that I could go online and order GB show plates from the same company that he orders his numbers plates from, so I went to the website address that he gave me.

I am normally extremely cautious when I place an order from an online company because I am just too old school for the most part. However, if my son says this company is good, then I know that it is. I was able to look around a bit before starting the order, and it was so easy. For me to say that really means something because I do not use a computer very often at all. In fact, the only reason my son told me to look at this site and order a show plate is because he is always trying to get me to use my computer more. He also knew that even I could not mess this up!

It was actually nice to create our own show plate. There were so many options, and I was able to look at each one and then change it if I did not like what I had picked. It took me nearly 20 minutes to design the final show plate because I kept changing different things on it. It was actually nice to be able to do that though! My son really likes what I designed for the show plate, and I am leaning toward using my computer now too!

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