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What Are Some Important Auto Repair Business Trends? Auto Body Repair Industry News

What Are Some Important Auto Repair Business Trends? Auto Body Repair Industry News

Auto repair industry trends 2017It took the automotive aftermarket and vehicle makers much more than a decade to sort out how to share repair manuals, diagnostic codes, and service documents that let technicians to fix today’s automobiles in the United States. In 2014, fearing a mess of state-by-state legislation following a right to repair” law passed in Massachusetts, two automotive associations, which collectively represent almost every single automobile manufacturer, signed a memorandum of understanding agreeing to give equal information access to repair shops outside of their dealership networks.

Swiftly evolving paints and coatings technology, which meets latest protective automobile supplies and aesthetic demands, is the key element for growth of this segment in the automotive sector. Paints and coatings are anticipated to witness larger adoption in higher-volume markets more than the forecast period, owing to surging environmental concerns pertaining to use of detrimental synthetic coatings and refinishing supplies.

The auto repair industry accounts for maintenance repairs for passenger cars and light trucks. Such as an estimated 16,000 establishments across the United States, this industry is estimated to be valued at $880 billion annually. The business is also anticipated to see modest growth in the subsequent few years. The auto repair market is deemed fragment with over 50 of the largest firms only accounting for 10% of the business. The following statistics offer an sector outlook for auto repair solutions and upkeep.

What Are Some Essential Auto Repair Business Trends?automotive repair industry outlook

automotive repair industry trends 2017Auto repair market trends clearly show that the market place will continue to benefit from the aging of automobiles, reports Worldwide Sector Analysts, and the many production flaws which occasionally force firms to quit selling distinct models (e.g. Ford in 2015 with their Edge Crossover ). Established markets like Japan, the US and the … Read More