Types of Vehicles That Require Heavy-Duty Tow Trucks

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Drivers routinely see vehicles of all shapes and sizes on the road, but few think about what happens when they break down. While smaller vehicles like cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks can be towed using conventional tow trucks, larger vehicles need heavy-duty wreckers when they encounter problems on the road. Read on to find out about what classes of vehicles need specialized, heavy-duty towing.

Types of Vehicles That Require Heavy-Duty Tow Trucks

Semi-Trucks and Trailers

Semi-trucks are heavy-duty vehicles designed to carry a lot of weight, so they’re built to be tough. They’re also very heavy. Semi drivers who experience serious breakdowns or get into accidents should always call an expert in heavy duty towing manchester nh drivers can trust to understand the specialized towing needs of such a large vehicle.

Transit Buses

Transit buses rarely carry as much weight as semi-trucks, but they’re almost as large. It’s almost impossible to tow most transit buses without special equipment due not just to their size but also their weight and length. A heavy-duty towing service will be able to transport a disabled bus without the risk of skirting, which could damage the vehicle.

RVs and Motorhomes

Unlike semi-trucks and buses, which are usually driven by trained and specially licensed drivers, RVs are designed to be piloted by average Americans. Larger RVs share some characteristics with semis and buses, though, in that they’re both long and heavy. Class A RVs always need to be towed by a heavy-duty wrecker. Most Class B and larger Class C motorhomes also require specialized towing services.

Extreme Vehicles

Any vehicle that travels on tracks or has over six wheels will probably need to be towed using a wrecker, not a standard tow truck. Garbage trucks fall into this category, as do bobtails and big rigs. Other over-sized specialty equipment may also need to be transported using specialized tow trucks, depending on its size, weight, and shape.

Misshapen Vehicles

Sometimes, lightweight and medium-weight vehicles also need to be transported with the help of a heavy-duty towing service. After serious road accidents, passenger cars and trucks can be severely damaged, causing them to lose their original form. This often necessitates bringing in a wrecker or a flatbed truck, since towing a severely damaged vehicle with an ordinary tow truck would be dangerous.

Why it’s Necessary

Whether they’re towing heavy-duty semi-trailers, medium-duty box trucks or RVs, or severely misshapen passenger vehicles, heavy-duty tow trucks have all the equipment their drivers need to ensure safe transport right on board. They typically feature 25-ton boom lifts, winches, and 6-ton wheel lifts in addition to larger engines and higher tow capacities. Drivers of large, heavy-duty vehicles should never attempt to have their trucks transported by ordinary towing companies. They need specialists who have not just the right equipment but also all the right training and experience to ensure safe transit of even the largest vehicles. Make a point of sharing as much information about the vehicle and its current condition as possible when calling to get the help of a heavy-duty towing service. It will ensure that the driver comes prepared.

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